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My name is Paul Harms with Patriot Construction.  I could take up space here telling you how great our company is, but I won't. You can read our reviews, see our ratings, and determine that for yourself. 

Most people in Central Texas are aware of the deservedly poor reputation of the construction industry. This occurs because most companies hire the cheapest possible labor while still claiming that they will deliver a top-quality product. I will not insult your intelligence in this fashion. 

You may have heard the saying "Good, Fast, or Cheap. Pick any two". We choose the first two, and if those are also your choices, then we are a good match.  I could blow smoke up your backside by telling you that all three of these are possible at the same time. If there were a way to achieve this, I would already be doing it.

Most contractors have become experts at the "lipstick on a pig" approach. It might look good when they are finished but in the near future, it will start to fall apart. This is how these companies stay in business. Then, when their reviews catch up with them, they simply change their company name and start over again. BASED ON THE RESULTS, all they care about is taking your money.

My commitment to you is to bring your vision into reality by choosing the best craftsmen that I can find, and finishing when promised. If anybody tells you that this can be achieved while still being the lowest price, ask them to put their money where their mouth is and match our warranty, testimonials, and ratings. 

I know that hiring a contractor can be a tough decision. Your gut instinct tells you to hire the company you trust and your bank account tells you to hire the company with the cheapest prices. Ask yourself what you want for your future. Do you want years of worry-free enjoyment? Or do you want to spend the next 10 years fixing what you already paid for?


Yes, we cost more. I would rather be upfront regarding this subject. However, it does not mean that we are going to be twice as much as the bottom feeders. I always strive to be competitive. 

If this sounds good and you are ready to move forward, call/text Paul Harms on his cell phone at (951) 756-1402.  The site also has a contact page.


(BS = Bad Stuff, what did you think we meant?)


Are You Tired of All the BS?

A Message From the founder


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